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Merging CSS Classes for use with ngStyle

For the release of ng-dynamic-dialog v2, I wanted to move away from defining the dialogs look in TypeScript and use standard CSS classes. This would allow the style of the dialog to be defined alongside the rest of a websites style, and make it compatible with CSS preprocessors like LESS and SASS. What Was I… Continue reading Merging CSS Classes for use with ngStyle

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ng2-file-drop and ng2-dynamic-dialog updated to Angular 2.0.0

Google finally finally released the official version of Angular 2 the other day.  As a result I needed to updated both ng2-file-drop and ng2-dynamic-dialog to build against the new version. Given the hassle of going from RC4 to RC5, I wasn't optimistic this would be a quick job. However, other than having to change a… Continue reading ng2-file-drop and ng2-dynamic-dialog updated to Angular 2.0.0

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Angular 2 – Dynamically Injecting Components

Note this also covers upgrading from RC4 to RC5's ComponentFactoryResolver. I recently upgraded from RC4 to RC5 and as a result my dynamic component injection module failed due to ComponentResolver being deprecated. Of all the changes between RC4 and RC5, this seems to be the simplest deprecation step, but though I'd document it here. Generating… Continue reading Angular 2 – Dynamically Injecting Components

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Ng2-dynamic-dialog 0.0.4 Released

It took me a few tries, but ng2-dynamic-dialog 0.0.4 has now been released and is available to be used by any Angular 2 apps out there. It is currently built against RC4 (RC5 will be in 0.0.5). The npm documentation and package is here GitHub project is here While the links above go… Continue reading Ng2-dynamic-dialog 0.0.4 Released

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TypeScript, ‘this’ Scope and JavaScript callbacks

Using 'setInterval' caught me out today Now given any object orientated library, you would expect that after every 400 milliseconds you would get a '1' in the output log. 'setIntervalCallback' is a member function of SetIntervalTest, it references 'this' which scope out dicate to be the instance of SetIntervalTest we're running in. But instead of… Continue reading TypeScript, ‘this’ Scope and JavaScript callbacks

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Reply: Where to start in the Games Industry?

I received another interesting email this week asking where to even start in the games industry. I thought this would be interesting to share since it starts by asking what qualifications or roles there might be, not focusing on a specific discipline. Here's the original mail Dear Mr Winder, My name is [...] and I… Continue reading Reply: Where to start in the Games Industry?

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Reply: What do you look for in a Junior Programmer?

Quite often we get messages asking what kinds of skills or content is required when someone wants to apply for a Junior Programming position we have at Hardlight (we have a variety of openings now if you're interested...). I often reply to these personally, so I thought I'd stick the last one I sent up… Continue reading Reply: What do you look for in a Junior Programmer?