Great Development Blogs

This was started on Bruce On Games, suggesting a way in which readerships can be increased between blogs. Other blogs have picked up on it and I thought I may as well too ?
Mainly About Games. Informative and well written it has a nice personal feel to it. Short entries not just about gaming. Funny at times.
A Path Through Possibility. Irregular updating but well worth a read for some incisive commentary.
Japanmanship. An incredibly good read of a Western developer’s life in Japan.
Magical Wasteland. Refreshingly irreverant.
Survival Horror. Does what it says on the tin. A big and serious site with a lot of good content.
Seven Degrees of Freedom. Very nice diary style blog.
Random Encounters in Imaginary Realms. Just cherry picks the good stuff.
Cheeky. Sparse and interesting development diary.
Peter Mackay’s Projects and Development Diary. Quake on Gamecube.
Life In The Rain. Often long interesting personal articles.
T=Machine. Wide ranging blog with much that is happening at the sharp end online.
Black Company Studios. Semi diary semi event driven articles. Nice.
.mischief.mayhem.soap. A serious game developer’s blog.
Bruce On Games. This guy is unbelievably prolific in posts. Mr. Marketing extraordinaire.
Gamefeil. Games, comics, diary.
Scientific Ninja. Technical stuff here.
Devbump. Aggregation of gaming articles.
Nimblebit. Game development diary. Lots of technical stuff.
It’s Bezness Time. Bedroom developer diary.
I Love It, I Feel Like Sisyphus. On start-ups, game development and programming.

For anyone with any interest in games the above blogs are just pure gold. Japanmanship, for instance is written by a game developer who works for a Japenese games company, lives in Japan and speaks Japanese. If you want to understand the game industry in Japan there is no finer source of knowledge. It amazes me when fanboys with a millionth of his knowledge and experience argue with him on forums.

And here’s a few more that I tend to read whenever new content is available.
Power Of Two Games. Excellent information on the trials of a start up and ever present Agile Development methods.
Engineering Game Development. Hey, if Bruce can pimp his own blog, so can I!
Introversion. Still doing some amazing things and the technical posts are always interesting to read.
Google Test Blog. Not game related, but it’s always interesting to see what this group comes up with next.
Sutter’s Mill. The C++0x standard insights are a great look forward to what we’ll be working with in the future.

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