I’ve finally moved over to using Twitter as a way to share ideas and see what people moving in interesting circles are up to on a more frequent basis than the occasional blog post. Add me to your follow list if you’re interested in my ramblings and I’ll probably do the same. If you have any suggestions for people worth following (especially people in game development or programming) let me know!

It took a while, but I finally settled on a couple of Twitter clients and I thought I’d share which ones I’m currently using.

TweetDeck – I use TweetDeck as my primary desktop client and its running most of the time. I tried a couple of smaller desktop apps, but I simply couldn’t get the amount of information I wanted out of it at a glance (I wanted something similar to the official Jabber client, but they just weren’t doing it for me). The individual columns and easy access to search can be a real winner and so far the fact that it’s developed in Adobe Air hasn’t caused me any issues (I’ve had problems with Adobe Air applications running terribly on my PC).

TwitterFon – Using Twitter on my iPhone needs to be easy and quick and so far TwitterFon does everything I need. I originally used Twittelator which is very feature packed (the best feature was being able to easily see other peoples follow lists and add them to you own), but I found I simply wasn’t using what it had to offer. I especially didn’t need all the features of the Pro version, but for someone who uses the iPhone as their main Twitter platform, Twittelator Pro is probably for them. I tried a couple of other Twitter iPhone clients but I found that most of them has real issues with slowdown or simply weren’t intuitive enough.

You might also notice that the blog as had a bit of a facelift. I wanted to make the blog and my website more consistent, and I’m hoping the simple look of the site can make the information stand out more.

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