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Git Workflow Presentation – Intel Buzz Workshop

I travelled to Stockholm this week to deliver a presentation about our Git workflow on Sonic Dash. Originally I was asked to do a talk about the process of converting Sonic Dash to intel based chip sets, but since that would take all of 3 minutes, I worked it into a talk about how we… Continue reading Git Workflow Presentation – Intel Buzz Workshop

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Why Ukie Cannot Represent Me

I posted the following off-hand comments on Twitter today Appreciate what @uk_ie does, but there's never been, and prob never will be, someone on the board that represents me — Lee Winder (@lee_winder) October 1, 2014 By me, I mean the jobbing developer who goes into work, does a job, goes home, gets paid.… Continue reading Why Ukie Cannot Represent Me

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Accu 2014 Conference Notes

I had the chance to go to ACCU 2014 the other week (full conference schedule is here) and I have to say it was one of the best conferences I've had the pleasure to attend. And while it did confirm my idea that C++ is getting the point of saturation and ridiculous excess (C++11 was… Continue reading Accu 2014 Conference Notes

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The IGDA Is Not For Me And (Probably) You

The IGDA is having a rough time at the moment. The statements regarding 60+ hour work weeks by Mike Capps of Epic, the recent revelations regarding Tim Langdell and his aggressive (and often dubious) use and enforcement of his EDGE Trade Mark and the responses on this from Tom Buscaglia have done nothing to make… Continue reading The IGDA Is Not For Me And (Probably) You


Industry Broadcast Reaches 100

This is just a quick shout of congratulations to Ryan Wiancko for hitting 100 articles on Industry Broadcast. If you haven't visited IB before, then I would seriously recommend going over there and having a look at what's on offer, or subscribing via iTunes. There's some great content on there, whether you are a programmer,… Continue reading Industry Broadcast Reaches 100

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Industry Broadcast

Ryan Wiancko approached me a week or so ago with a view to putting some of my Articles on, a site which provides audio versions of popular blog posts written by members of the Games Industry community. I think the idea of Industry Broadcast is fantastic, especially as I look around an office that is… Continue reading Industry Broadcast


Some Great Game Industry Links

  As with the Great Development Blogs post, this was originally started on Bruce On Games, with the view to spreading it to as many blogs and websites as possible... Enjoy! N4G. A game news aggregator. The stories can be submitted by anyone but are vetted for relevance, commented on and scored for popularity. This… Continue reading Some Great Game Industry Links


Great Development Blogs

This was started on Bruce On Games, suggesting a way in which readerships can be increased between blogs. Other blogs have picked up on it and I thought I may as well too ? • Mainly About Games. Informative and well written it has a nice personal feel to it. • Short entries not… Continue reading Great Development Blogs