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Git Workflow Presentation – Intel Buzz Workshop

I travelled to Stockholm this week to deliver a presentation about our Git workflow on Sonic Dash. Originally I was asked to do a talk about the process of converting Sonic Dash to intel based chip sets, but since that would take all of 3 minutes, I worked it into a talk about how we… Continue reading Git Workflow Presentation – Intel Buzz Workshop

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Setting up Git on ReviewBoard

I've recently made the switch to Git and started using it on a couple of project at work.  One of the important things I needed was to get automatic generation of reviews working on ReviewBoard for our Git server and I was in luck because it's pretty simply to do. I'm posting this here both… Continue reading Setting up Git on ReviewBoard

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Why Code Reviews Don’t Work

I’m a strong believer in code reviews.  Having developers review and discuss code in development is one of the best ways to ensure good code quality and provides an excellent way to share domain knowledge with team members who may otherwise not get the opportunity.  It also allows experienced developers to share their knowledge and… Continue reading Why Code Reviews Don’t Work

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Code Reviewer – 5 licences, 5 dollars, 5 days

I'm not one for bringing up promotions from companies but it was brought to my attention the other day that SmartBear are offering 5 licences for their Code Reviewer tool (a more light weight version of Code Collaborator) for the tiny sum of $5. And in the way that marketing departments like things to flow… Continue reading Code Reviewer – 5 licences, 5 dollars, 5 days

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Why We Use ReviewBoard For Code Reviews

I was going to write a couple of reviews covering the various code reviews tools I've tried over the past year or so, but the notes I made on each one seem to have mysteriously vanished. And since it wouldn't be fair on the various tools we used to try and remember why we moved… Continue reading Why We Use ReviewBoard For Code Reviews

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Code Review Methods

In the last post I went over some of the reasons why code reviews are important in building a stable and secure project. I wanted to follow that by covering the different review methods we've used in the past and the ways in which each one worked or in some cases didn't. Paper Based Reviews… Continue reading Code Review Methods

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I’ll Show You Mine If…

Code reviews have a bad reputation.  Claims of wasting time, pedantic reviewers and hot-shot programmers all crop up as reasons why teams shouldn't and don't bother reviewing any of the code that is being used in what could be a multi-million dollar project.  But why would you want to have a code review?  What does… Continue reading I’ll Show You Mine If…