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Accu 2014 Conference Notes

I had the chance to go to ACCU 2014 the other week (full conference schedule is here) and I have to say it was one of the best conferences I've had the pleasure to attend. And while it did confirm my idea that C++ is getting the point of saturation and ridiculous excess (C++11 was… Continue reading Accu 2014 Conference Notes

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Ruby, Jenkins and Mac OS

I've been using Jenkins as my CI server for a while and though user permissions has always been a bit of an issue (I'll explain why in another blog post covering my Unity build process) running command line tools has never been to much of a problem once it got going. At least not until… Continue reading Ruby, Jenkins and Mac OS

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Is It Green Yet? Improving Our CI Process

I originally posted this to AltDevBlogADay on Friday 15th July 2011. Having a Continuous Integration server running is one of the most useful and powerful tools a development team can use. Constantly checking the state of the code, building assets which might otherwise take hours and generating stats on build quality are all really useful… Continue reading Is It Green Yet? Improving Our CI Process

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Continuous Integration – Taking It Further

Our current Continuous Integration process works quite nicely and has greatly benefited our team, but these systems can always be extended and improved upon.  The following post will simply cover some of the ideas I have for the future and how it might improve the whole process. Visual Unit Testing Visual Unit Testing is the… Continue reading Continuous Integration – Taking It Further

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Continuous Integration – Self Testing Builds

So far we have a process which guarantees that the game builds and that the assets can be generated.  We have processes for doing this automatically and for making sure people are as up to date as possible.  But there is still one question which none of this answers... When I run the game, will… Continue reading Continuous Integration – Self Testing Builds

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Continuous Integration – What About The Rest?

Games are not just code.  Art, design, music and QA all get in the way, making the whole CI process harder, but actually making the game fun!  It's just as important that the CI process benefits these guys otherwise there are still going to be a hurdles to getting a solid game released and making… Continue reading Continuous Integration – What About The Rest?

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Continuous Integration – Extending Cruise Control

In the last part I covered the use of in the CI process, which is pretty much one of the most important parts of the whole system.  Out of the box, is pretty useful, but it can be easily extended and this part is going to cover how we use and what… Continue reading Continuous Integration – Extending Cruise Control

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Continuous Integration – The Crucial Parts

I've gone over what the main benefits of Continuous Integration can be to a project, so it makes sense to move onto the various processes used at Blitz Arcade and how these benefits actually come through.  As I mentioned, CI process can come in many different shapes and sizes, but most will have the following… Continue reading Continuous Integration – The Crucial Parts

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Continuous Integration – The Benefits

When you integrate a project, it means taking a snap-shot of its current state and building it into a working piece of software.  This can involve building the latest code base, the assets of the game and anything else that you might need.  Continuous Integration (CI) is the process of building a project and its… Continue reading Continuous Integration – The Benefits

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Continuous Integration – Shaky Foundations

Continuous Integration, build processes and testing are all very important parts of the development process, whether it's a AAA game, small arcade title or a set of middleware.  It's only in the last couple of years that this has really gone mainstream in the industry (it's sort of swung in with the whole agile thing… Continue reading Continuous Integration – Shaky Foundations