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Negative Developers and Team Stability

It doesn't take much for negative feelings to start to seep into a team but it takes a lot more to turn a team around and start to raise moral and motivation. The following isn't based on an in-depth study of development teams across the world but on my own personal experience of managing and… Continue reading Negative Developers and Team Stability

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Agile – Specialisations Still Matter

I originally posted this to #AltDevBlogADay on Friday October 28, 2011. I recently came across an interesting post over on Agile Game Development titled ‘Scrum Prohibits all Specializations’. The part that stuck me was the following: I understand that Scrum has been applied mainly to software products and that the elimination of "specialties" means that the database… Continue reading Agile – Specialisations Still Matter


PeopleWare – Read it

For the past month I've been reading PeopleWare, and I have to say it's one of the most honest and relevant books on management and the work environment I have ever read. If you are a manager, are aiming for management, or even if you're not but want to make a difference in your work-place,… Continue reading PeopleWare – Read it